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Post by aDm on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:37 am

Hey my name is *...aDm...* , nineteen years old live in Israel I'm Palestinian .

I'm participant in a some organization scouts sine I was burn I join this group and I found a place where I can help or I can give something to the other , I'm also a guide in a group called (mdatsem) youth were join to make a change to the to be in involved in the good was the place witch have the all people between their arms to be a house and the star for them .

I was in a theater and I still in but now I have my own life so I still in but from away, I taught Dabka " its an Arabic dancing "

Friends and me we originated a Conference in Israel and Palestine about IDENTEDY, an international one from all over the world

At the moment I moved to other town for work

********************************* somthing not to puplic here *************************************************** **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Why I Wanna Join The Camp!

I grow up with a soul witch telling me to help whenever and however I can , always as a person I have a goal on my head that when people say my name directly remembering g the good stuffs I did to make my name as good simple for help .

Always when I see someone need a help I get thoughts what I can do for him/her/them cause I want to do something ,doing and will do ( if I see someone sad or unhappy I do the best to bring his smile back ) as one poem said " I will give half of my life who can makes a child Smile "

So I think this is the place where I can give what I have my knowledge my help to make that children Smile to make them have their childhood as every kid , to give them the small thing to be in the right way cause one day this kid will grow will be a young to look at this world in a different look not to hate just to love ,to give the people the trust to be around to sleep with a close eyes even simple to dream about tomorrow so if we want to make this world a different to make this kid change it WE should lead them and to make the right path easy for them cause this kids will be on my place have the same thoughts if we arrange for them the good atmosphere to live in .

I think this is the right place where I can improve my self for the world even for a small help cause my jurny started with one step and I'm going for it

What I think about intercultural !!

When you thinking to have a guest into your house or to be a guest in other houses lot of Questions coming to your mind

What I should wear there , how I should act , its this thing acceptable for them to do this or that

What…. Why … when... And How….

All this Questions coming from source ( I don’t know ) .

This thoughts coming only if I want to visit someone so how if I want to visit a new culture!!

Always if we want to know about another culture we start to read about it to look at the TV or in the Internet but I say this is not the right way to know other people from other worlds, cause to know soothing we should try it or to live it for example how we know the sugar is sweet .. Cause we test it ..

So if we want to know about other culture we should live it to know how is other tradition goes? , to feel the small things on it , what I mean is to live the culture itself .

If few youth gathering in a one place they can talk about culture each one about his culture to let the other know ,to talk in space about their culture.

Here at my place we live two cultures even we are so close but we feel there is a wall between us (the politic situation and thou …).

For me I have no problem to meet any person from any culture cause I want to know as I can about other people and not to judge them from TV or from something forward I heard , what I mean to meet the person to talk with to know from where did he came ,maybe mine and his culture are similar somehow or there a difference so this is the time to know what is around us why they wear like this what they eat

To meet or to know a new culture it's something not every day we can find cause we need the place and the people witch make us gather into one place, it's something emotional after its done you look with a full smile open heart what you have done something great want to show everybody but somehow you cannot describe it something with self enjoying



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