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Post by swanlady73 on Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:44 am


When I look at my reflection
Do I see me or dishonest rejection
Is this what I am supposed to believe
Or an image I want to perceive

Do I know and love my life as me
Or do I pretend to make fallacy
Why can't I believe in what I am
Is there a love I don't understand

It shouldn't matter what they think
I must never let myself sink
I do many things for everyone
Shouldn't I do more, for my fun

Treating myself with a little affection
Will brighten my own reflection
The time for me is today
I'm changing to do things my way

Life, it seems to reflect on
It creates images coming on the pond
Is it important for me to reflect clear?
I really care and that's why I'm here

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