Have You Ever Stood Still And Felt

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Have You Ever Stood Still And Felt

Post by swanlady73 on Thu Dec 06, 2007 7:40 am


Have you ever stood still and felt
An overwhelming tenderness
A deep sorrow
Watching the world as you know it
Collapse in one great rubble?

Will you feel rage and hatred?
Will you feel compassion and care?
Will you think how you will make them pay?
Will you think how you can help them heal?

When you greet fire with fire
You make a gigantic ball
Until its big enough to topple
Everything on its way

Have you seen fire greet calm water
And meet in tranquillity?
The great fire quiets as its passed
From one calming presence to another

I am not a great hero nor done any great deeds
But this much I can be, a bearer of hope
To let the pained souls know love is possible
And maybe the great ball will quiet as its passed
From one loving heart to another

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