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Post by swanlady73 on Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:34 am


Until the last is fed and clothed and safe in friendly arms,
until the fitful sleeps of fear aren't shattered by alarms,
until inoculation has their killers by the scruff,
until we've met their basic needs, we haven't done enough.

Until the universal laws aren't honoured in the breach,
until religions' followers all practice what they preach,
until we cherish children whether brindle, black or buff,
until we've made them family, we haven't done enough.

Until our leaders demonstrate it's economic sense
to budget aid for others as our paramount defence,
until we view equality as more than words of puff,
until we treat the symptoms too, we haven't done enough.

Until a life of freedom and the tools with which to learn,
are seen as rights of everyone - not privileges to earn,
until we've bled a little and, by choice, we've had it tough,
until we've changed the way it is, we haven't done enough.

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