Heard About mIRC And you want to Use it ?

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Heard About mIRC And you want to Use it ?

Post by fake on Wed Nov 28, 2007 11:58 am

Hello Again Smile
Well if you'd like to use mIRC to enter our chatroom you can go to mIRC Website. And download the plain mIRC Program and there are forums and links for main help.

Still you can download something called mIRC scripts which have lots of addons that will ease the use of mIRC. FOr newbies I recommend the P&Plus Script which is easy to use and to configure.

Ps. When you Go to that website .Get the Full Version (Not the Update)..
(mIRC serial, Name: Looking_for_peace serial: 16537-1729227)<-- If you want to have a registered Version

Cheers for more questions just Ask !!

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